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Carrying debt is a stressful experience. It takes a huge toll – on your well-being, your relationships, and your enjoyment of life. Debt is mental and emotional pain, and the only way to get rid of that pain is to get rid of the debt.

With our help, you can reduce your debt, lower your payments and build a strong credit score.

Client Debt Results

01 / 06

Stanley – Driver

Debt reduced from $123,000 to $9,000

$9,000 lump sum paid

“I felt really good and upbeat”

Blair is amazing! I still can’t believe what he has done for me. For years I struggled, my business was slowly going down. I felt trapped because of the huge debt that I accumulated. I thought that there is no way around it and that we will lose everything we own including our home. A good friend of mine told me to call Blair from Reset Debt Solutions. I was very skeptical at first, but after the first ten minutes of talking to Blair right away I felt really good and upbeat. There is a way out of the mess after all. He came in aggressively and reduced my debt from $123,000 to $9,000! Wow!

02 / 06

Erin – Salesman

Debt reduced from $27,800 to $7,200

$120/month for 60 months

“I feel a huge weight lifted off me financially and emotionally”

First of all Blair is a lifesaver. At no time throughout this whole experience did he make me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. He knew exactly what I was feeling and going through and was there for me every step of the way. He is a true professional in every sense of the word. I feel a huge weight lifted off of me financially and emotionally, all thanks to Blair. If you are in debt trouble, go see Blair and he will guide you the process painlessly and with a smile. Best thing I’ve ever done. True story.

03 / 06

Natasha – Customer Service Rep

Debt reduced from $21,000 to $6,500

Paid $6,500 lump sum

“Without this help I would still be in loads of debt and under a lot of stress”

My experience with Blair was great. He was extremely easy to work with and eased all my concerns during the process. This experience has changed my life as I was buried in debt and had no idea how I would ever get out of it. Within a short 4 months I was able to become completely debt free by settling with a lump sum settlement. I went from $21,000 in debt to settling it for only $6,500! I will never forget that day as I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off me! Today I am happy to say that I am not only still debt free, but I have learned how to manage money and save. I have been rebuilding my credit over the last year and a half and will be looking to buy my first home soon. I feel so thankful for Blair’s help along this journey and don’t know where I would be today financially if it weren’t for him.

04 / 06

Brian – Mechanic

Debt reduced from $65,000 to $10,500

$175/month for 60 months

“I am a true believer and would refer anybody I know to Reset Debt”

Blair of Reset Debt Solutions has been absolutely fantastic throughout the whole proposal process. My options were clearly explained to me and I was very delighted how easy and straightforward they made it.

Blair was very effective and efficient as the whole process was completed and signed within 8 weeks of my initial phone call. I felt like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am a true believer and would refer anybody I know to Blair with Reset.

He was a true professional and can’t thank him enough for his help.

05 / 06

Dave – Developer / Contractor

Debt reduced from $127,000 to $15,000

$250/month for 60 months

“Other companies were not even close”

With anything in regards to finance there is always a certain reservation to put your faith in somebody other than yourself to deal with it. After meeting Blair the first time he gave no indication of pressure, knew the options and possibilities when dealing with debt, and worked with us on our timeline to come to a resolution that was extremely fair in our favour. Previously to dealing with Reset Debt I had interviewed some other companies and the options presented were not even close to what Blair was confident he could do. I would highly recommend Blair with Reset Debt to anyone needing help dealing with their debt.

06 / 06

Kristen – Registered Nurse

Debt reduced from $92,500 to $33,000

$550/month for 60 months

“I am in control of my finances and my life again”

A huge thank you to Blair. I believed my situation was unmanageable. Yet, here I am, in control of my finances and my life again. I had no idea that any of this was even possible. If you feel helpless, hopeless about your crushing debt, I encourage you to give Blair a call. Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and non-judgemental, he was there to answer my questions every step of the way.

Eliminate your Debt and
Recover your Credit Rating

Get pre-approved for a debt settlement loan.

It only takes a few minutes, it won’t affect your credit rating, and there’s no obligation.

Reduce your debt with a settlement plan.

Debts can be reduced by up to 80%.

Recover your credit rating.

By using your loan to pay off your settlement, your credit score gets an immediate boost and starts to recover.

How does it work?

Reset Debt Solutions offers a consolidation loan that is unlike any other. Provided by our exclusive lender, the loan is designed to pay off a consumer proposal (a negotiated reduction to your unsecured debt) via a lump sum payment. This is different from traditional consolidation loans that will get you into one monthly payment but don’t provide any debt relief. By working with Reset Debt Solutions you can consolidate and reduce your debt into one low monthly payment without long-term impact on your credit rating.

It’s time to put your debt behind you! Find out if you qualify.



Making a difference

At Reset Debt Solutions we aim to make a difference. Our team has over 25 years of experience helping consumers deal with their debt.

“They helped me and my husband in ways that we didn’t even think were possible.”

Debt reduced from $47,700 to $7,980

Michelle – Customer Service Rep

“I’m now looking at a fresh start and second chance.”

Debt reduced from $78,000 to $13,800

Roderick – IT Consultant

“Without this help, I would still be in loads of debt and under a lot of stress.”

Debt reduced from $21,000 to $6,500

Natasha B – Customer Service Rep

“They completely changed my outlook for the future.”

Debt reduced from $64,800 to $13,200

Holly – Administrative Assistant

“I feel a huge weight lifted off me, financially and emotionally.”

Debt reduced from $27,800 to $7,200

Erin – Salesperson